Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oz Never Gave Nothing To The Tin Man

Tin Man 600px “That he didn’t, didn’t already have.
And cause never was the reason for the evening, nor the topic of Sir Galahad…”

My apologies to America (the band, not the country) but I’ve been a bit conflicted on this date.

I’ve reached one of those milestones today: the Big Five-Oh. Not like “Hawaii” but rather “Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! ©The Beatles.” The half century mark. Does that make my life-glass half empty? Or is it half full? Hmmm…

I guess this picture and quote kind of sum up what I’m feeling. Am I satisfied with what life has brought me so far? Well, I have very few regrets. Have my dreams been met yet? Ummm, a lot, but not all. Do I have new dreams to yet fulfill? Of course!

But Oz never gave me nothing. Nothing that I didn’t already have. I’ve made do with what I found, it’s always been up to me do something with what’s there in front of me. Any failure to reach heights has been up to me. But then, just what do those heights really mean? And are the peaks any more important than the valleys? There has to be a neutral point in there somewhere and I’m still trying to find it. But frankly, if everything was copacetic, would it be any fun? How can you measure laughing if you’ve never cried? And vice versa? I’ve been both Galahad and Mordred. Hell, I’ve also been Merlin and Morgan Le Fey too.

Gawd, if you can’t get maudlin in your blog, where can you?


Sheena said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!

Thanks for being the time pioneer and whacking a path through the jungle of life; making a clearing at places like this that I can look into and know what it will be like for me in a couple of years. It gives me a comfort you never had being the elder.
I love ya man.