Tuesday, August 12, 2008

After Long Silence… (with apologies to Sherrie S. Tepper)
Okay, it’s been a while. Over four months in fact. I started this blog as a means of venting. But when you lose your internet access, it can kind of get in the way. I’m kinda thinking that a blog is pretty much worthless when you don’t have immediate access. When you have to ride your bike 2.8 miles to get to the nearest free access (The Boise Library! {Yes the exclamation point is deliberate; it’s on the sign on the side of the building}).

I won’t go into details (yet) as to WHY I lost access, especially in this day and age when ‘net acesss seems like it should be a god given right.

Isn’t it?

Anyway, I suddenly find myself living in McCall instead of Boise. That’s not a bad thing. Well, I’ll definitely miss some of the music and beer scene we had in Boise but there are some huge benefits. Can you say fresh air, lower temperatures and a clearer mind my children? I knew you could.

I sat on the patio of Toll Station Pizza this afternoon overlooking the lake whilst enjoying a ciabatta-bunned burger, fries and Pikes Kilt Lifter. Their??? burger was awesome. My thoughts started flowing and I wrote them down.

The beer would have been all right if I hadn’t just tried the Secech Scottish at the McCall BrewPub. Kilt Lffter is thin and too hoppy for the style.The Secech would be close to our own Big Chub (Doohan's Revenge) if it hit 10.5% like the Chub (Doohan's), the flavor is almost there. It's only 7% instead and not quite as rich. Good? Yes. Definitely better than the Kilt Lifter (I have to use Old Chub from Oskaar Blues for a reference). That's why "Big Chub" seems a better name for Chris's and I's concoctions than "Doohans"

So let me re-trace my day: I took the free bus, complete with bike racks on front, to the Idaho Department Of Labor, just to establish myself as being unemployed because that’s what I am (try it sometime, it’s not pretty).

Honestly, how can a community of less than 3000 permanent residents afford a bus that hits the same route less than every hour from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week?

For free? And make accommodations for bicycles?

Damn, why can’t Boise do free transport? Hmmmmm????? … AND accommodate bikes at the same time? I’m living about three miles on the wrong side of town and the bus saves my ass. I take the bus "there", and then ride back.

And I’ll tell you, this bus is a sweet feature. I’ve been riding for only about a month or so now but let me tell you: I have City Legs! Boise is relatively flat. It’s not until you get on a bike that you start to understand the slight, SLIGHT! subtleties in grade. So far, there has only been one hill (on Dienhardt heading for Boydstun, across the river) that has made me jump off and Push! Two or three times more and that won’t be a problem though.

Oh well, my weak legs aside, I’m loving it up here. Even before I moved up here, I lost my love handles from the bike. The loss of my license is not necessarily a bad thing. I see places where I can make an impact, I only hope that both the locals and the prey (tourists) can appreciate what I have to offer.

Time will tell. I have an agenda for topics now but that may change. Tomorrow, I’m going to go pick Huckleberries and make a cyser. Want some?.

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